David’s Pet Services Featured on West Hartford’s Biggest Online Publication

For the last few years, David’s Pet Services (DPS) has been West Hartford’s largest and most trusted Dog Walking and Pet Sitting business. We believe this is due to the amount we care about your pets and the process that goes into that care.

West Hartford’s biggest online publication, www.We-Ha.com, and the monthly newspaper, West Hartford LIFE, believes in what DPS has to offer too. So much so, they wrote a feature article on our business! You can access the article as well as info on how to help DPS at the bottom of this webpage!

One of their reasons for wanting to write about us is the innovative technology we use to keep dogs safe. Author of the article, Tracey Weiss, said:

Part of that protection is in the form of a professional system that has a GPS tracker. A small fob is clipped on to the dog’s collar before the walk. “It tracks on a 5G network,” Steinberg said, which means the walk and the dog can be tracked on the phone.

Maisy Wears Her Jiobit in West Hartford

Click Here for the full article on We-Ha.com! — > https://we-ha.com/a-hop-skip-and-a-bark/

If you’re jumping up and down like cats and dogs over how exciting this article is for our DPS family, we get it! Right here, you can interact with DPS’s Facebook post about the article’s release. Please, “like” the post below. Feeling ambitious? You can press the share button too. Share it right to your Facebook profile!

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