February 13, 2016


We Have Two Breeds of Services

Dog Walking


Recurring Dog Walking M-F: High

Occasional Walks M-F: High

Weekend Dog Walking: Medium

Every visit comes with…

  • Time-Stamped GPS Check-Ins, Check-Outs and a map of exactly where we walked.
  • Messages upon visit completion (with pictures and sometimes videos too!)
  • Walking, running, playing, tugging, chasing, rollerblading, and Positive Dog Training. We do just about every verb you could think of.
  • Bathroom breaks.
  • More than one dog? Additional dogs are +$2 each.

A Lovely Promenade

DPS hits the pause button on nap time for a bathroom break and some exercise. We’ll tour the nearby scenery and pretend we’re in the 18th century, when things were much simpler and using the word promenade was cool.

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A True Voyage

Our most popular service. A great visit for dogs to get the appropriate amount exercise and attention while you’re at work. You can personalize your visit to meet your dog’s exact needs. Whether it’s a long draining walk, tug, fetch, or even a little positive dog training, we are up for the task!

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A Dog’s Dream

Your dog will thank you for days after booking a 45 minute Dog Walk with DPS. Pup(s) will receive everything they’d get from a 20 or 30 minute visit, but for more time. We know what you are thinking. Yes. Way more belly rubs.

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Cat and Dog Vacation Pet Sitting


Cat Sitting: High

Dog Sitting: High

Sick of going on vacation to relieve stress but can’t get over the fact your pets are in a high liability environment or in the care of a non-doggy pro’s care? Wouldn’t it be nice to use a reputable pet services company who has Pet Sitting down to an exact science? Introducing DPS, the best Vacation Pet Sitting experience on this side of the Mason-Dixon Line (…where is that again??).

What should I expect from “Vacation Pet Sitting?”

  • For dogs, you’d book a minimum of three visits from the selections below. Need sleepover services? Inquire within! For cats, there is a minimum of one visit per day.
  • After each visit, reports are sent to your app and email. The report contains a visit message, report card, pictures, and a map of exactly when and where we walked.
  •  From dog walking, belly rubs, feeding, scooping cat litter, simple household tasks, etc, we do exactly what you want.
  •  We can water plants and flowers, take the garbage out, you name it. We excel at being detail oriented.
  •  Every extra pet is an additional +$2

A Lovely Promenade

You’d be surprised how much we can get done in just 20 minutes. We can still give adequate exercise, feed, bring in your mail, papers. For many of our clients, it works perfectly for their pets and any other needs they have.

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A True Voyage

This visit is ideal for comprehensive care. With this 30 minute pet sit, you will get great exercise, companionship, feeding, or whatever else you need. Paw-lenty of time for belly rubs, if that’s what your pup needs most.

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A Dog’s Dream

This visit is the holy grail of visits. Here, you get everything explained in the 30 minute visit, but even more. You should see the look on a dog or cat’s face that just got a 45 minute visit. It’s an entitled look of, “Yup. My owners LOVE me.”

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Service Area:

(If you fall outside of this area, email or bark at us and we’ll let you know if it’s possible!)