January 18, 2023

Lockboxes, Door Codes, Garage Codes!

We’re so excited for you to join the David’s Pet Services (DPS) family!

To become a client, you must come up with a solution (we can help too!) for DPS to gain entry into your home originating from your property. This means that we won’t have the keys before we arrive to your home, but will gain entry via one of the following mediums: a lockbox, door code, or garage code.

How Many Keys Do I Need to Provide DPS?

You have chosen to use:How Many Keys Must
I Provide to DPS?
Extra Instructions?*
Lockbox2Place 1 in lockbox with key ring (if possible)

Give 1 to DPS for emergencies
Garage Code2Give 2 to DPS for emergencies
Keyless Door Code1 (we recommend 2)Give 1 to DPS for emergencies

*Interested in learning why we require two keys for lockboxes and garage codes, but allow only one for door codes? Scroll to the bottom of this page to find out!

How To Help DPS Get Into Your Home!

Along with providing DPS two sets of keys at the Meet & Greet, you will do the following:

  1. Acquire a lockbox for DPS use.  
  2. Provide DPS with a garage or door code

If You Choose to Use a Lockbox:

  • Buy a new lockbox or use one you already have.
  • Secure lockbox to your door, or somewhere outside, in close proximity to DPS’s entrance.
  • Provide us with a Lockbox Code and Lockbox Location, by entering it into your Time to Pet online profile.
    • (“Time to Pet” > “My Info” > “Lockbox Code” & “Lockbox Location.”)

    If You Choose to Use a Garage Code and/or Door Code for DPS:

    • Provide us with your Garage Code or your Door Code, by entering it into your Time to Pet online profile.
      • (“Time to Pet” > “My Info” > “Lockbox Code” & “Lockbox Location.”)

    Considerations and Rules:

    • Please ensure that your lockbox, garage key pad, and/or keyless door entry works properly before providing us with access to it (e.g., please double check that the code is working). Secure lockboxes to a solid frame; do not leave unattached, on ground.
    • A $30 lock-out fee is charged when the lockbox isn’t there, if the key’s missing, or if your keyless solution (garage, lockbox, door code) malfunctions / is inaccessible.
    • For safety and guaranteed consistent care, we ask that the lockbox be for DPS use only. However, in an emergency, you’d have a back up!
    • Providing DPS with more than one means of entry can be very helpful. For example, garage codes are excellent, but also installing a lockbox (in this scenario, because it’s secondary, you may hide the lockbox) can be a life-line for DPS in case your garage malfunctions. Be sure to provide us with context in “Access Instructions” (e.g., “DPS should use the garage, but can use lockbox if the garage won’t open).

    Why Does DPS Require Clients to Provide Us With Two Keys for Lockboxes and Garages?

    From experience, we have never seen a door code fail due to a faulty battery or power outage. However, with garages, if the power goes out, we will be unable to enter your home and your keys will be put into staff circulation for the duration of the outage. In this situation, only having one key, then losing that it, would turn a bad mistake into a terrible emergency. With two keys, we still have a backup, and your pet(s) will remain safe. For lockboxes, one key goes into the lockbox and the other into our central key location, locked away safe for emergencies only.