December 13, 2022

1. Recommended lockboxes and 2. ADD keyless entry and/or a garage opener if you don’t already have one!

1. Recommended Lockboxes

Clients will supply their own lockboxes by A) using their own or B) buying a new one. We have two inexpensive, yet durable lockboxes that were recommended by another Pet Care company that has used lockboxes for years. You can buy the lockbox we recommend, buy a different one, or use one that you already own.

There are two types of lockboxes: 1) Portable and 2) Mounted. 

Kingsley Guard-a-Key Key Storage Lock
Small, sleek, discreet design.
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Learn how to operate this lock by watching a video
made by our friends at Canine Concierge Pet Care!
Click here to Watch 
Kingsley QCH-807 Water Resistant Key lockbox
Can attach almost anywhere!
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–> If you’re interested, here’s a pretty helpful review of some of the top lock boxes: Click here to read

2. ADD keyless entry and/or a garage opener if you don’t already have one!

Keyless Door Entry

I used this one. It runs with an August Hub. I also used a Yale deadbolt for my garage door!

If we don’t currently utilize keyless entry to access your home, you can change that by setting up an existing keyless lock or acquiring a new one and having it installed.

If you don’t have one already installed, now is a GREAT time to get keyless entry. I have used keyless entry in my home for years and I love it. The benefits are endless for you, your family, and your favorite Pet Care company.

I researched both lock options on YouTube and the web.  For best cost-savings, I purchased it off of Amazon and installed it myself.  Another great option is to contract with West Hartford Lock. Their hourly rates are reasonable. If you use them, please tell them we sent you.

After installation, all you’re required to do is assign DPS an access code and enter it into the Time to Pet online client portal or App in the “My Info” section in the field entitled, “Access Instructions”.

Garage Key Pads

  • Don’t have a garage opener, but want one? Did you know that most garages work with this non-wired $25 Chamberlain Garage Door Opener? I installed this in just a few minutes over the weekend. I also purchased this $20 app controlled garage opener, also by Chamberlain, and it works just as good, if not better, that my first suggestion. We could use one or both of these options to gain entry into your home (or any other option you might have in mind!).