February 2, 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

What locations do you serve?

Primarily, we serve almost all of West Hartford, CT, the West End of Hartford, CT and parts of Bloomfield, CT. Other areas may be accommodated with varying levels of mileage fees. Call or email us if you have any questions.

What is the dog walking cancellation policy?

All dog walking services cancelled after 5:00PM the day before will be billed in full.

What is the pet sitting cancellation policy?

Cancellations made less than fourteen (14) days (5:00PM cut off) before the first day of service will be charged the first 24 hours in full and the remainder at a rate of 25% of the original price, not to exceed 10 days of charges. We will always send a reminder before the cancellation policy is engaged. We do not want to ding you!

Can I have my friend or relative help with pet sitting? (job sharing)

We do not allow job sharing. This is because we guarantee pet sitting success. We can’t do that when we share pet services with (super nice and awesome) people who have not been trained by us and can’t be insured under us. Some exceptions apply; please call or email us for more details.

Can I schedule services on the same day?

All visit requests or changes requested after 5PM the day before service will incur an additional charge (prices are listed on portal message and are subject to change). We will try to accommodate requests, but availability is based on staff supply. 

How do I become a new client?

At the bottom left of this page, click “Click Here to Book a Meet & Greet!” Or click on the Book Now button on this site’s menu. You can also call us (860)612-8340 us or email us at woof@dps.dog.

What types of clients can’t you take on?

Unfortunately, we are not able to take dogs that could possibly bite staff members and/or display dog-to-human aggression. Further, we can’t take backup sitter or one-off visit requests. We also cant accommodate wedding-related pet sitting, except occasionally for existing customers!

What types of clients can you take on?

We are able to add most clients who live in our service radius and whose dogs don’t exhibit dog-to-human aggression. Clients would also need to be looking for the services we provide. These include recurring dog walking, dog and/or cat sitting, and based on availability, pet taxi and dog training.

What services do you offer?

Primarily, we offer dog walking services while you’re at work or off for a part of the day. We also have extremely high availabiity for Cat Sitting and almost as high, but slightly lower availability for dog sitting. Further, we have high availability for other types of pet sitting too (iguanas, bunnies, snakes, etc!). Finally – and based on availability – we offer Pet Taxi (to the vet, dog day care, etc) and Positive Dog Training with our certified dog trainer extraordinaire, Michele.

Do you do Cat Sitting?

Do we ever! We love cat sitting. We are able to accomodate further distances with mileage fees too. We have full availability and a small and cohesive team of cat lovers to watch over them while you’re gone.

How Do I Schedule Services?

It depends on what type of client you are at any given time! If you have a consistent schedule and generally want the same days and times, we can make your visits recur weekly. For any one else, including people with wonky schedules that are always changing and for all pet sitting clientele you will use our online client portal via a website or our app to schedule all your services.

When and how do you bill?

When: Right now, we bill semi-monthly every 1st and 16th of the month. Services received during the 1st through the 15th will have a due date on the 16th. Services received during the 15th through the end of the month are due on the 1st!

How: You can either set up auto-pay or self-pay on our secure online client portal. Our preferred method of payment is ACH transfer (via Plaid), but we are happy to take all credit cards too. We also take PayPal and occasionally we will take checks.