David’s Pet Services vs. National Pet Care Companies (like Wag! and Rover)

Comparison Chart:
DPS vs Wag!, Rover, and Care.com


Help – I’m Looking for a Dog Walker

You need a dog walker, a cat sitter, a dog sitter or maybe a combination of the three. However, you might have realized that the pet industry is a-boomin’. You want to consider all the options, but there are just so many out there to choose from. By this point in your search you might be screaming, “Help!”

We’ve Made it Easy For You

Well, here at DPS, we like making things simple and we’ve done just that by making a comparison chart for you. It explains why a company like ours (and a few others in our town too) might be a better option for you compared to national chain pet care companies like Wag!, Rover, and Care.com. We’d like to educate people on why pet care companies who have W2 employees may be best for your pets. So, without further ado, here is the comparison chart comparing our company to national chain pet sitting companies:


David’s Pet Services vs. Wag! and Rover

There Are Many Types of Dog Walkers Out There

Although this post only compares us to large chain pet care companies, don’t forget to check out our other blog post called “The 6 Different Types of Dog Walkers You Can Hire” by clicking here.

In conclusion, be careful when choosing who to watch after the little family members, because making the wrong decision could have long lasting effects on your family, human and furry alike. We hope that you choose a reliable and well known company who has a strong foothold in the community like ours and others in our town as well!

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David’s Pet Services vs. National Pet Care Companies (like Wag! and Rover)

  • My sister will be going on a long vacation and there will be no one who will watch her pet. It was explained here that pet services have liability insurance covered by the petting sitting company. Moreover, it’s better to leave the pet to pet services.

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