February 13, 2016


We Mean Business:

At DPS, our mission is to provide our clients with the most trustworthy and accountable dog walking experience ever. We understand how vulnerable you may feel trusting someone to enter your home and work with your pets.

We get it.

Although you may not know us just yet, if given a chance you’re sure to find a company that’s run properly with a strong team-wide moral compass. We are obsessed with our clients – they are amazing and become like family. We hope you can join our family too.

How It Works:

Online Client Portal: Everything happens in the portal via a smart phone app or website. There, you’ll enter and maintain your information, chat with us, schedule / cancel visits, and pay us (*after* services are complete). 

The Walk (and other services): Every time we finish a dog walk, you’ll see a GPS map of exactly where we walked, a message of exactly what happened (who went #1, #2, and everything else including details of how we secured your home), and cute pictures from our visit. Sometimes videos, Instagrams, and Facebook Lives too. Get ready for the best messages you’ve ever received while editing spreadsheets at work!

Scheduling: It’s a piece of cake. You can sign up with a recurring 1-5x/week template or, if it’s easier, you can request your visits a la cart all the way up to the day you need service (based on availability) on our website or smart phone app. Click, click, scheduled. Boom. Done.

Payment: Arguably the “funnest” part about the experience ;-). Payment is due semi-monthly on the 1st and 16th. We bill *after* services are complete. Our accepted forms of payment are credit card and PayPal. Our clients pay on the portal.

Communication: We communicate almost entirely on the portal. Further, for your convenience, every time we send a message through our portal, it also gets copied to your email. Without logging on to the portal, you can respond right in your email and it will send a message to the portal for you! #technology. We always respond within one business day, but typically right away. We are also always reachable via telephone at (860)612-8340.

Our Service Area:

Below is a map of our current service area. 90-95% of the homes within this map will have no extra mileage fees added to each visit. A small percentage may have no more than a $3 fee added to each visit.

If you are located outside of this map (like many of our clients!) you will be charged between $3 – $10 + per visit, but typically no more than $5. We just want to be as fair as possible, so please – if you aren’t sure – just give us a call or shoot us a message!

Without further ado, our service map:

Our Current Availability:

Dog Walking (while you’re at work) – High availability

Cat Sitting (while you’re on vacation) – High availability

Dog Sitting (while you’re on vacation) – Medium Availability

(Through 1/1/2020)

If you have any other questions, drop us a line at woof@dps.dog or pick up the phone and call (860)612-8340. We will always get back to you within one business day or sooner.


Our W2 Employees are…

  • Vetted and selected by Owner of DPS
  • Pet CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Background checked, insured, and bonded
  • Receive Dog Behavior Training (Theory = Positive Dog Training)
  • Shadow trained until deemed ready by Head Dog Trainer and Owner
  • Supervised and retrained through extensive procedures, handbooks, and policies to maintain a high level of pet care proficiency.


How it All Began:

DPS was founded by current Owner and Head Dog Trainer, David Steinberg, while studying in grad school to become a therapist at the UConn School of Social Work. Luckily, the program was located in his hometown (West Hartford). His friend’s parents all had dogs and their kids were already working in Boston and New York. He was the only one left in town, so they told him, “You’re watching our pets. Deal with it.” Oh. He dealt with it. Before David knew, David’s Pet Services was a thing. Fast forward a few years, and now the business does less pet sitting, a little more cat sitting, and tons of dog walking. 


Similarities Between Being a Therapist and Owning a Pet Service Company:

David used to be a licensed therapist, and now as a pet business owner, he sees a lot of parallels in the two professions. Themes like maintaining truthful and effective communication and staying true to  appropriate boundaries and policies have been lessons learned from both practices. In terms of dog training, the theory behind Positive Dog Training and Parent Management Training (helping parents with child development through positive reinforcement) operates on the same exact principles. Whether he’s working with families or packs of dogs, he’s going to treat them both the same exact way, through a method of enthusiasm, care, and positive reinforcement.


Find Out More by Scheduling a Free Consultation (Meet & Greet):

There is so much to know about DPS, that an about section couldn’t possibly cut it. Please inquire for a free consultation (a.k.a. Meet & Greet) so we can see if we are a good for for one another!


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When DPS discovered Instagram, it was love at first sight. We appreciate our Instagram followers and enjoy the interaction and feedback we get on all our posts. Become a follower of @DPS.dog right now! Check out some of these photos DPS has taken to see the type of happy doggies (kitties too!) we churn out on a daily basis.


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