David’s Pet Services: Only company utilizing GPS dog collars to prevent escape!

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Dog Escape Prevention: GPS Dog Collars

DPS has made a large investment in the security of our pet clients. We attach GPS clips to all furry dog walking clients to thwart even the smallest chance a dog could escape our care (It has never happened!).

See Your Walk’s Map On Our App!

With our app you can schedule dog walks and so much more. Best of all you can see a map of exactly where we went while walking your dog.

Positive Dog Training

Our walkers receive Dog Behavioral Training. Theory = Positive Dog Training (google it!).

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified

You can rest assured. Every DPS Team Member is Pet CPR & First Aid certified.

WeHa's Best Dog Walking Company

We Also do Pet Sitting!
(We Love Cats)

DPS serves West Hartford and surrounding towns. Primarily, our business provides a Dog Walking service that, for example, comes to walk your dog while you're at work. We are also the safest (and most fun) Pet Sitting team you'll find in West Hartford, CT.

You can feel confident knowing our employees not only *want* to treat your pets well, but *know* how to do it too. We handle, walk, touch, instruct, and love your dogs and cats based on positive reinforcement principles only. Along with extensive training on safety procedures in and out of the house, we are prepared to do the job right.

  • Bonded

    By Pet Sitters Associates

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    By Pet Sitters Associates

  • Federal and State Licensed

    We're BFFs With the IRS

  • W2 Employees

    We Do It Right!

Meet Our Family

Staff So Trustworthy, It Hurts
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David Steinberg

Owner, Head Dog Trainer, Dog Rollerblader
From West Hartford, David is a social worker. He started DPS in grad school and hasn’t looked back since. He recently retired as a therapist to take on DPS full time. He has officially gone from therapist to doggist.
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Nadia Aguilar-Steinberg

Dog Walker, Owner’s Boss
Nadia’s an award winning opera singer from Torreon, Mexico. In 2010, the Hartt School heard her, then offered a full scholarship! Now she’s continuing her passion as a masters student at UConn. Our advice? Befriend her now, before she’s too famous!
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Boss of Everyone
Diego runs the show around here. While he still may be a little wobbly in the knees, he’s clearly a prodigy in the making. Pretty soon the D in DPS will mean Diego. Any day now…
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Field Manager, Opera Singer, Artist
Erin is our team leader out in the field. Not only is she amazing with pets, but she is incredibly artistically gifted. She is a trained opera singer and a fantastic illustrator and henna artist!
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Program Manager AKA “Loop Closer”, Dog Walker
Christina has a long history of working in businesses as the “process person.” Christina has a particular set of skills enabling us to make sure all company wide processes are running efficiently all day. She keeps us organized to say the least!
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Office Manager, Etsy Shop Owner
Clara is a wizard at creating dog walking routes for our staff. With her watchful eye she gets back to all our clients, She makes the DPS machine run smoothly all day! Aside from DPS she is a talented artist and violist.
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Dog Walker
Justine comes from the corporate life over at Whole Foods. She decided that she now wants to work at a place that has Whole[some] Dogs. We’re so happy to have Justine, she’s amazing!
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Dog Walker, Pro Wrestling Referee
Will comes to us as a bonafide dog person with professional experience from a doggy day care. He’s also a professional wrestling referee! Watch Netflix’s ‘Glow’ – that’s his life!
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Dog Walker, Obsessed With Speaking Spanish
Grace is hard-working, fun, and multi-talented. She’s also fluent in Spanish! After college she wants to work at an American embassy in a Spanish speaking country. Grace es excelente!
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Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, Personal Trainer & Influencer
Karla is gifted in so many ways. She loves dogs, promotes social justice and played Division 1 NCAA basketball. The dogs tell us that working with Karla has been a slam dunk!
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Dog Walker, Yoga Teacher
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Dog Walker, Student
Break down the phrase dog walking and that explains Kiana. She loves DOGS and WALKING is her specialty (she is studying to become a medical professional in podiatry!).
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Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, ER Nurse
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Dog Walker, Lawyer
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Dog Walker, Television Producer
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Dog Walker, Professional Cheerleader
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Dog Walker
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Dog Walker, Pet Sitter