Six Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking for A Cat Sitter

I think people love their cats more than their dogs. It’s something about the way cats play hard to get, then eventually give in to your relentless love. Basically, they know what they’re doin, and we’re totally buyin’ it.

I digress.

When looking for the perfect cat sitter, you may want to ask:

1. What matters most to you?

Is it safety? Knowledge? Security of your home? Being able to trust your pet sitter?
2. How much risk are you willing to take?

A) Do I want to use a neighbor or friend?

You trust your buddy, but she’s not a professional. She doesn’t carry insurance and isn’t Pet First Aid & CPR Certified. But nothing will go wrong right? It’s cheap!

B)Do I want a company that uses Independant Contractors?

They are professionals but the companies they work for aren’t legally able to train them. They are a good andcheap option.

C)Do I want a company that uses W2 employees?

These employees are treated the best. They have workman’s compensation insurance. They are bonded and are allowed to be trained by their employer. They are also, in some cases, the cheapest option in town. And the best. Win, win.
4. Are they well known in the community? Do they have viable referances and good reviews.

Go to google, yelp, facebook, angies list, etc., to see if they are well reviewed. Let the internet help hold your pet sitters accountable.

5. Do they have a facebook or instagram presence?

Are they out front representing on social media or are they hidden behind the scenes for no one to see?

4. Are your pet sitters “cat like” ?

What a great question. Well good thing is, David’s Pet Services in West Hartford, CT has a horde of “cat like” employees. Almost to the point of being “ninja like.” Just the way we walk in doors will wow you. We make sure you house is locked down in case someone is trying to get in or if a cat is trying to get out! We got you!

Call David’s Pet Services today for the SAFEST and most efficient cat sitting experience known to man. Use an app, communicate with your pet sitters, pay on the app, life is good!

BEST OF ALL – David’s Pet Serivces offers daily cat sitting as low as $15 per day! Go away on Vacation and use DPS. Go on. Get out of here! Call today. (860)612-8340.

Maybe it’s price. The best part about cat sitting is that it is about 3-5x less expensive, per day, compared to dog sitting. Cat only clients – you guys got it good. However, there are still discrepancies within companies in your area.

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