February 13, 2016



We Have Two Breeds of Services

Dog Walking

Every visit comes with...

  • Time Stamped GPS Check-Ins and Check-Outs
  • Messages upon visit completion (with pictures and sometimes videos too!)
  • As much training, exercise, or belly rubbing you want. What we do is up to you!
  • Running, playing, tugging, chasing, rollerblading, and Positive Dog Training - if its a verb - we do it.
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Taking in and putting out the garbage, bringing in the mail, watering the plants, and more. Need something else? Just ask.

10 Minute Let Out

The 10 Minute Let Out is only available to clients who purchase at least three walks in one day. This visit is popular with the puppies!

$15 Book now

A Lovely Promenade

DPS ends nap time for a bathroom break and some of the DPS professional exercise everyone's been talkin' about. We'll tour the nearby scenery and pretend we're in the 18th century, when things were much simpler and using the word promenade was cool.

$18 Book now

A True Voyage

The perfect visit for dogs to achieve the appropriate exercise and attention needed while you're away. For 30 minutes, we'll play, tug, and wrestle until we’re both physically exhausted. We provide mental stimulation with Positive Dog Training and so much more!

$22 Book now

A Dog's Dream

Your dog will thank you for days after booking a 45 minute Dog Walk or Pet Sit with DPS. You get everything you would get with a 10, 20, or 30 minute visit, but for much more time. We know what you are thinking. Yes. Way more belly rubs.

$30 Book now

Cat and Dog Vacation Pet Sitting

Sick of going on vacation to relieve stress but can’t get over the fact your pets are in a high liability environment, or simply, in a non-doggy pro's care? Wouldn't it be nice to use a reputable Pet Services company who has Pet Sitting down to an exact science? Introducing DPS, the best Vacation Pet Sitting experience on this side of the Mason-Dixon Line (…where is that again??).

What should I expect from "Vacation Pet Sitting?"
  • 3 or 4 visits to your house per day, depending on your preference. Need 5? Just ask!
  • The exact same visit you’ve come to expect during a 20, 30, or 45 minute visit. We’re talkin’ tugging, wrestling, walking, running, rollerblading, dog training, and bathroom breaking.
  • Belly rubs. ‘Nuff said.
  • We water plants and flowers, take garbage pales in and out, take in mail, receive all 1,000 of your Amazon packages, switch the lights on and off, and whatever else you need, free of charge.

10 Minute Cat Sit

This visit is reserved for cats only. Although you may spring for a longer visit, we understand that sometimes all you need is a trustworthy and reliable service to ensure your cat stays perfectly contained and that their litter is scooped, the kitties are fed, and that their water is full! Any other instructions that you have? Let us know at your free Meet and Greet.

$18 Book now

A Lovely Promenade

You'd be surprised how much we can get done in just 20 minutes. We can still give adequate exercise, feed, bring in your mail, papers. For many of our clients, it works perfectly for their pets and any other needs they have.

$21 Book now

A True Voyage

This visit is ideal for comprehensive care. There's extra time for exercise and, if needed, to feed, scoop, clean, etc. Vacations are the time when dogs need exercise the most, since they're away from you - and exercise helps reduce anxiety and bad behaviors in the home. Help bridge the gap of your absence by allowing us more time to complete the perfect visit.

$25 Book now

A Dog's Dream

This visit is the holy grail of visits. Here, you get everything explained in the 30 minute visit, but even more. You should see the look on a dog or cat's face that just got a 45 minute visit. It's an entitled look of, "Yupp. My owners LOVE me."

$33 Book now