February 13, 2016


Our Mission:

At DPS, our mission is to provide our clients with the most trustworthy and accountable In-Home Pet Service experience ever. Our policy is heavily centered around pet safety and home security; we put your house on “DPS Lockdown.” This means your pets will stay happy, healthy, well exercised and throughout all of this, we won’t allow any one else to step foot in your home – to the point we are known for turning Elijah away on Passover.

Further, through our online portal, we offer constant communication and time stamped GPS Check ins and outs accessible 24/7 on your tablet, computer, or smart phone. Scheduling is just as easy. Just a few clicks on the portal and you’ve scheduled, confirmed, and invoiced your pet services.


Our W2 Employees are…

  • Vetted and selected by Owner of DPS
  • Pet CPR & First Aid Certified
  • Background checked, insured, and bonded
  • Trained as dog trainers (Theory = Positive Dog Training)
  • Trained as a Pet Sitting & Dog Exercise Professionals
  • Shadow trained until deemed ready by Head Dog Trainer and Owner
  • Supervised biweekly to review policy and maintain Positive Dog Training and Pet Sitting proficiency


How it All Began:

DPS was founded by current Owner and Head Dog Trainer, David Steinberg, while studying in grad school to become a therapist at the UConn School of Social Work. Luckily, the program was located in his hometown (West Hartford). His friends then demanded he watched their pets when they went away. David happily obliged and before he knew it, David’s Pet Services was a thing.


Similarities Between Being a Therapist and Owning a Pet Service Company:

As a therapist and a Pet Service business owner, David sees a lot of parallels in the two professions. Themes like maintaining truthful and effective communication and staying true to  appropriate boundaries and policies have been lessons learned from both practices. In terms of training, the theory behind Positive Dog Training and Parent Management Training (helping parents with child development through positive reinforcement) operates on the same exact principles. Whether he’s working with families or packs of dogs, he’s going to treat them both the same exact way, through a method of enthusiasm, care, and positive reinforcement.


Find Out More by Scheduling a Free Consultation (Meet & Greet):

There is so much to know about DPS, that an about section couldn’t possibly cut it. Please inquire for a free consultation (AKA Meet & Greet) so you can meet David, and join the numerous families deciding to fall in love again (…with DPS).


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When DPS discovered Instagram, it was love at first sight. We appreciate our Instagram followers and enjoy the interaction and feedback we get on all our posts. Become a follower of @DPS.dog right now! Check out some of these photos DPS has taken to see the type of happy doggies (kitties too!) we churn out on a daily basis.


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